This is an important moment in our city’s history. We have made enormous progress in the last few years. And we sit poised and ready to transition to new system for teaching and learning that presents great opportunities for students in the Culver City schools.

It is undeniable that Culver City is one the hubs of the creative economy that is defining Southern California. When 1 out of every 8 jobs in the region are attributable to creativity, it’s time for our schools to take notice. We must prepare our students, all our students, to take part in this economy. We must attend to ensuring that the achievement and opportunity gaps that exist now and have existed in our past, stay in the past. We must renew our commitment to the dream of Martin Luther King.

I have two children who attend Culver City schools, one at Culver Middle School and one at Culver High. I bring the perspective of a parent, who cares about her children, and all children.

I bring years of experience working with policy makers, parents, community groups, teachers and district staff through the many challenges that public schools have been facing these last few years.  My experience and the connections I make every day will no doubt allow me to support our schools in ways others can’t.

And I have a vision that we can continue to build healthy school communities where parents, families, teachers, staff and community members work together, side by side, with students needs front and center. We can work collectively, we can bring our energy and our talents together so that students remain curious, inspired and focused on learning. I believe we can do it!

I hope I can count on your vote on Tuesday, November 5th.